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Building to Lock-Up 

Helberg Construction Management specializes in building homes to Lock-Up. This means that we do the excavation, provide the foundation, frame the house (including walls, floor and roof systems) and install the windows and doors. In a tight construction market these are the jobs that are often hardest to get done.


Helberg Construction Management provides a number of benefits for our Build-to-Lock-Up customers. Consider the following questions as you decide how to complete your new home project.


New Home Warranty

Can you, building as an independent, supply a warranty for your new home? Without a warranty, who will be left paying the bills if your new home has structural or moisture problems?


Time Savings

Can you afford the large amount of personal time plus time away from work that a new home project demands? Can you work on your new home as efficiently as experienced and skilled tradespeople who possess the best tools needed?


Knowledge and Experience

What are the latest building techniques, and which ones have recently proven successful, or (more importantly) something to stay clear of? Do your plans meet the building codes? Have they been designed for our local area? Could you be faced with costly alterations after construction begins?


Liability Insurance

Are you prepared for the intricacies of what will happen if someone is injured on your job site, or your structure or materials are damaged in an accident? Do you know how to conduct proper safety meetings, or ensure that workers compensation is properly handled?


Dealing with one company for the main construction components of your home will simplify your project and free up time for you to concentrate on other things. Our existing relationships with busy suppliers and sub-trades will ensure that your project gets the attention it needs to be completed as quickly as possible. 


What you have to do to begin…

Prepare the lot (if needed).

Have a complete set of construction drawings prepared.

Obtain permits and arrange for inspections by building officials.

Arrange for utilities – gas, sewer, electrical, etc.


What we will provide…

Excavation and backfill the foundation.

Footings, telepost pads.

Basement walls, pilings and grade beam for the garage.

Weeping tile and crushed rock and waterproofing membrane applied to the exterior of basement walls.

Shell construction of your residence.

Supply & install windows and exterior doors.


The rest is then up to you!

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